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About Mariënwaerdt

Estate Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt

‘Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt’ is a privately owned estate of over 2200 acres in the ‘Betuwe’, an area in the province of Gelderland, famous for its fruit production.

Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt has been in the same family for many generations. It is for that reason that it carries a unique character, not only in terms of nature, culture or history, but also with regard to the style of management and development. Thanks to the personal touch that can be found back in everything, the estate has developed its unique identity.

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Besides organic farming, Mariënwaerdt increasingly focusses on the production of specialities. Besides that visitors can enjoy a wide range of catering and recreational activities.

There are two major events taking place at the estate; the Country Fair in August and Christmas Fair in December. Mariënwaerdt also offers perfect party locations for weddings, private parties and business meetings. It is also possible to attend a cooking workshop under the supervision of our chef. For those who wish to stay longer at Mariënwaerdt, there is a possibility to spend the night at B&B De Neust, a monumental manor on the estate, or in one or our holiday cottages.

One of the homesteads at the estate, has been converted into a ‘multi-functional centre’. This is where a pancake house is located, a brasserie, the country shop and an information centre for tourists. From this place you can ideally set off your walk or bicycle ride across the estate.


For individual visitors, families and groups Pancake house the Stapel(b)akker is brimming over with the most delicious pancakes and other dishes that are made from organically grown products. Brasserie Marie offers a menu of specialities made from mainly organic ingredients and the fresh produce of the estate.

The country shop offers a wide range of delicacies of Mariënwaerdt, presents and other organic products to take home with you.


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